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What clients report

Alina G*:

During the consultation with Annina, I had the feeling that I was in good hands with all the topics that concern me. She has always given me a resource-oriented view of myself and supported me in focusing on my ability to act. Again and again she asked sensitive questions and helped me to organize the inner chaos.

Annina's attitude shows that she is open to different life plans and sensitive to different forms of marginalization. Overall, I experienced security and attention from Annina and can recommend the process to anyone who approaches their own topics in a protected environment.

Cora L.*: 

As a colleague, friend and client, I particularly appreciate your incredibly sensitive and empathetic way of meeting and appreciating people in all their being, coupled with a very high level of well-founded specialist and methodological knowledge. Your fine feeling for the small and big moments in the process, the ability to ask precise and helpful questions and being able to remain silent just as precisely, as well as your incredible gift of being able to endure the chaos and at the same time be able to organize it - with a colorful cream topping of humor on top working with you to something very special.

Mara H.*: 

I felt very comfortable and safe in the consultation hours with Annina right from the start. With her incredibly warm, appreciative and sensitive nature, she created a space in which I could BE with all my concerns and emotional states.

I experienced Annina's work as a combination of sincere listening, targeted questioning and a very careful use of methodology, whereby the discussions always took place on an equal footing. With her enormous expertise and methodical approach, she managed to flexibly adapt the counseling hours to my current concerns. Ultimately, I was able to take an incredible number of impulses with me from working with Annina, which went far beyond the consultation period.


Through the sessions I was able to sort out many challenging things in my life. Annina's appreciative, honest and well-founded manner was very helpful. Finding your own answers by asking the right questions feels good. Thank you!

*For the purpose of anonymization, the actual name of the reviewer is not given.

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