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In the systemic counseling practice, I work in a solution- and resource-oriented manner with problems or questions that my clients bring with them. These are always defined at the beginning, but can change at any time during the process. So I usually ask: “What resources already exist? What attempts have already been made?”. It often becomes clear that the solution is actually the problem. Hence, we intuitively found solutions to communication problems with our environment, which could not help us in the long term and ultimately created suffering. 

In order to accompany clients in their questions and path finding, I work with a variety of questioning techniques and methods. In this way, feelings, thoughts and symptoms can be shifted to the outside and sorted out and social systems such as our families, diverse friendly and romantic relationship constellations can be presented more tangibly and integrated into the counseling process. Thanks to the latest developments, we can also make use of them online. 

Since progress can often be made quickly, I recommend a total consultation process of about 10 hours, which we can schedule individually. It is often worth allowing some time (1-2 weeks) between the sessions to observe what small changes can be achieved in the meantime. 


As I am not a licensed psychotherapist, I have limited authority to diagnose, treat, or cure. As a systemic counselor and therapist, I hold a critical attitude towards diagnoses and only provide them as per request.

What I offer


I offer sessions in individual, pair and group settings for any desired relationship constellation.

  • Romantic relationship level

  • Sexual relationship level

  • Friendship level

  • Mixed relationship level 

  • Parent-child relationship level in adulthood

  • Sibling relationship level in adulthood 

  • Mixed or other family relationship levels in adulthood


My areas of experience and work focus primarily cover the following topics:

  • Identity

  • Relationship with myself and my social/professional environment

  • Work-life balance

  • Emotion regulation

  • Communication

  • Relationship Dynamics & different relationship constructs (monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, swingers)

  • Sexuality

  • Queerness

  • Acceptance of my own body

I gathered my expertise primarily through my profession as systemic counselor and alternative practitioner limited to psychotherapy, my master's degree in clinical psychology, my own life reality and that of those around me.

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