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About Me

My name is Annina Tonkov. I am a clinical psychologist (M.Sc.), alternative practitioner limited to psychotherapy and, since April 2022, a systemic counselor (DGSF) in training at the GST Berlin (Society for Systemic Therapy and Counseling). In the last three years in particular, I have increasingly dealt with human relationship constructs and constellations, gender and sexuality and I also focus my work on these subject areas. In addition, I have spent a lot of time in an intercultural context, both personally and academically, as well as professionally, and can therefore respond with sensitivity to the challenges that come with it.  


It is my personal concern to strengthen people's relationships with themselves and their environment in terms of acceptance and self-efficacy, as well as to give them tools for processing emotions and better communication. It is particularly important to me that I can approach each person unbiasedly, but taking social influences into account. I would like to have a counseling practice in which clients can show themselves openly, no matter where they come from, what religion they practice, what they look like, how old they are, what gender they identify as, who they love or desire, etc in which family/relationship constellation they (wish to live). 



Participation in psychotherapeutic online trainings
  • 2024 - „Impact-Techniques“ with Frauke Niehues (Systemic Institute Tübingen, Germany)

  • 2024 - „Systemic trauma pedagogy I“ with Susanne Niederberger (Systemic Institute Tübingen, Germany)

  • 2023 - „Systemic therapy/counseling with neurodiverse clients“ with Dr. Uwe Scheffler (Systemic Institute Tübingen, Germany)

  • 2023 - Working with the pain of abandonment (The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine (

  • 2023 - Systemic couple and sexual therapy” (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement, life lessons - Kauer & Aram GbR)

Workshop modules (life lessons - Kauer & Aram GbR)

  • 2024 - Identity and boundaries in conflict coaching” (Dr. Hans Rudi Fischer)

  • 2023 - Dealing with the unknown” (Dr. Maja Storch & Dr. med. Gunther Schmidt)

  • 2023 - Self-hypnosisse for clients” (Dr. Stefan Junker)

  • 2023 - Systemic anxiety therapy” (Dr. Bernd Schumacher)

  • 2023 - Impulse lecture: Change management” (Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth)

  • 2023 - “Migraine in psychosomatics” (Hanne Seemann)

  • 2023 - “Dealing with romantic affairs” (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement)

  • 2023 - “Couples therapy without partner present” (Dr. Kai Fritzsche)

  • 2023 - Working with sexual fantasies in therapy” (Dr. Angelika Eck)

  • 2022 - “LGBTQIA+ - Working with diversity” (Karina Kehret Lins)

Training and memberships
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